Ribbonfarm Longform Blogging Course
Summer 2017 
Applications are now closed

This is a course designed primarily for people who want to write longform posts in the ribbonfarm.com "refactored perception" style. It should also be useful for writers, editors, and blog publishers who want to borrow elements from our blogging playbook for their own use. It will be conducted live, online, over several weeks in June/July, and led by Venkatesh Rao and Sarah Perry.

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The course will be 6 live video sessions of 90 minutes each (times/dates TBD in June/July based on applicant preferences). You will need to pay a $5 fee to submit this application and, if accepted, a $100 course fee. Applications are due by Friday, May 5. We'll let you know whether you've been accepted or not by May 15.

You will be required to complete an essay during the course, and ribbonfarm.com will have the right of first refusal to publish the essay, for $100.

Whether or not you are accepted, as a thank-you for applying, you will be given free access to the self-study materials from the previous offering of this course, via teachable.com. If you're not familiar with ribbonfarm check out https://www.ribbonfarm.com/for-new-readers/

What's your name? *

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Provide links to at least 1 and up to 3 writing samples. *

Paste 1 link per line. Published blog posts, magazine articles, or open-access academic articles (technical material is fine) preferred. For drafts, Google Docs preferred.
Provide a link to some sort of biography page. *

An About page for an existing blog is best, but if you don't have one, supply anything else suitable, like a Github or LinkedIn profile, a resume site, etc.
Write a brief PITCH for a ~3000 word article you want to write. *

Keep it to ~50 words. You will work on actually writing this article during the course if accepted. You can change it later, but we need an initial pitch to evaluate your application.
Write TWO alternative headlines/titles for the article you want to write.

These headlines should be for the article you just pitched in response to the previous question!
Write a brief 50-word PROMPT for a longform article you would like to READ but don't feel competent to WRITE. *

Be as creative as you like. You can compose your prompt in the form of a paradox, intriguing pair of quotes, an unusual connection between themes, etc. Include a sentence about the ideal AUTHOR for this article (names of actual writers, living or dead, acceptable)
What themes do you want to write about in the next year? *

Brief phrases, separated by commas, for example, "climate change,  blockchain technology, art criticism."
What is your experience level with LONGFORM (1500+ words) writing in particular? *

Where will you be living in June/July? *

What timing constraints do you have in June/July 2017 that might affect your ability to participate?

Tentatively, the course will be run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-9 PM Pacific. However, we will do our best to figure out timings that work for all accepted applicants. Include any planned travel, preferred days of week, times, and time zones.
Provide links to TWO articles, NOT by you, from sites OTHER than ribbonfarm.com that you liked *

Paste one link per line. We want to learn about your reading tastes beyond ribbonfarm!
What are your THREE favorite ribbonfarm articles? *

If you haven't read at least 3 ribbonfarm articles, this course probably isn't for you. You're better off looking for a traditional writing program.
We will offer a limited number of full scholarships.  Are you interested in these? *

This will be a needs-based work-study scholarship, not merit-based. If you accept a scholarship, you will need to do typical university-style work study tasks (such as online or library research) in lieu of paying the course fee.
Anything else you want to tell us?

Keep it brief please. Save the longform for the course :)
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